Friday, July 21, 2006


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If you haven't  tried this stuff.  Get some today!  YUMMY.  Giada from Food Channel made some sandwiches with this stuff.  I got a jar and put it on a bagel, and it brought me to my knees.  Its a mix of cocoa and hazelnuts.  Soooo good.  It puts a smile on your face.


Jamie said...

Addie is MADE out of that stuff! (I went through three jars when I was prego with her) Try it on those Costco/Stauffers Animal Crackers...or make sandwich cookies out of ANY cookie and Nutella...HEAVEN!

Suzie1 said...

Nutella is the BOMB! It's especially good on a nice crusty baguette. Oh baby...

So glad I found your blog! It's always good to find a fellow Mormon. ;)