Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another Crazy Dictator

How do these crazy people get in charge of whole countries?
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I haven't been too concerned about all the hysterical actions of North Korea with this missile business. I figure they just want more attention from the USA. We are too occupied with Iraq and Iran and they want in part of the fun. Aren't they a part of the axis of evil? So they want their just due recognition.

Well looks like they are getting it. They tested a few missiles on July 4th. I wonder if they picked that date for any particular reason? Just now on Fox News they have breaking news of a report coming out of Japan. The long range missile that was fired was aimed at the State of Hawaii. If true, now I'm a lot more annoyed at the North Koreans. The missile obviously didn't make it that far before it crashed into the ocean, but the projectory line was aimed right for Hawaii. I guess they have our attention now. I wonder if they really want it....

All you liberals complaining about us going in and taking out Sadam in Iraq. Better to take him out before he gets to the point of North Korea with nuke capability and test missles aimed at one of our States or Israel.

Are we in the last days yet?

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