Friday, July 14, 2006

O Israel

When will Israel find peace? I'm really feeling for the Tribe of Judah, since we are related and all, since I am a decendant of the Tribe of Ephraim. It's really interesting to see how the world is condemning Israel for trying to defend itself. No big surprise that France has already condemned Israel, but Greece? And Russia (Gog and Magog!) needs to stop suppling weapons and enabling Iran and Syria to finance this whole attack. Of course Russia wants to do anything to keep USA in turmoil and this is a way to do it. And China wants Iran's oil and more dominace in the region too. But I know one thing, I agree with President Bush, Israel has a right to defend itself and we need to stand with our friend, Israel. Lost in all of this hatred and power struggle is that innocent people are getting hurt... Lebanese, Palestinian and Jew alike. My boy is 17 and I'm worried what "World War III" is going to look like when he gets a little older and if he will be drafted into the military. Like it or not, we are in War. Terrorism is everywhere, not just in Iraq and Afganistan. Look at the bombings in India, London, Madrid, the terrorist arrests in Germany, Canada, USA..... you think if we just be "nice" to the terrorists they will go away? I think they want to destroy us. Hasn't Israel given up lands to the Palestinians for peace? Pulled out of Lebanon for peace? What happened? Once Israel pulled out, the terrorists went in and set up camp and now those areas are were the missles are coming from to kill Jews. Terrorists have no problem killing innoncent civilians. Look at the people in the world trade center, on the airplanes, in their homes...... if an American bomb or Israelie missle kills a civilian the world is outraged and condemns us as loud as they can, but if a terrorist chops of the head of an innocent american there seems to be a deafening silence from these same people. Ok, Im on one of my long rants again, but I'm getting tired of the people criticizing freedom loving people for protecting themselves. Just last night I was dumb founded to hear Senotor Biden critize Bush because we are moving too slow in the Isralie conflict becuase we are bogged down in Iraq. I think a guy who insults an intire ethnic group (" can't go into a convenience store without having to speak Indian" or some crazy crap like that!) should work on his own short commings! This nation better get unified in its battle agains terrorism or we are in for even tougher times. "signs of the times" people.... that's what this is!