Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hezbollah accuses Rice of favoring Israel

I saw the title of this blog entry as a news heading on the internet just a few minutes ago. Are you kidding me? Rice is favoring Israel? What a shock? You mean the USA isn't favoring Hezbollah? The same Hezbollah who is a terrorist group? The Hezbollah that killed over 200 of our Marines in Lebanon in the 1980s? The Hezbollah that has killed and kidnapped many of our own citizens over the years? How can this be? I can't believe Hezbollah is making such an extreme and outrages accusation.

Sometimes you just have to find humor in this stuff. We all better hope for the success of Israel. There is speculation that Hezbollah has sleeper cells in the USA and may have them start causing problems here. We have been lucky since 9-11 that we have not had a lot of terrorist acts on our land. Israel has to deal with it every day.

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