Monday, July 10, 2006

Family Goal

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We have been reading the Book of Mormon as a family and it has been a sweet experience.  We gather around the table after dinner and read a few chapters then discuss what we have read. The discussion has been more enjoyable than anything else.  It is so fun to hear the thoughts from Lacey and Sean.  Today we talked about the parable from the ancient prophet Zenos in the Book of Jacob.  He was a prophet in ancient Israel, but you only read about him in the Book of Mormon.  We had a good discussion on what it means when he said the first shall be last and the last shall be first. 

We are trying to get back to doing the 7 simple things that President Heap in the Bozeman Stake encouraged all of us to do over a year ago.  We were pretty good at it then, but had to get things back on track.  Page has posted the 7 simple things on the pantry door so we see it every day, since we all like to get into the pantry looking for snacks.  The 7 simple things are:

1.  Have personal scripture study every day

2.  Have family scripture study at least 5 days a week

3.  Have personal prayers, morning and night

4.  Have family prayer, morning and night

5.  Have Family Home Evening every week

6.  Attend all Church meetings

7.  Attend the Temple every month

I can truly say, that when we follow these 7 simple things the spirit is in our home and their is a peace that is there that isn't there when we don't do them.  So I wonder why we sometimes fail to do them?  But we are really trying again, and plan to finish the Book of Mormon together as a family.


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