Saturday, March 04, 2006

Must See Penguins

Yesterday in the local paper there was an article about the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler receiving 5 pairs of African Penguins. Lacey is nuts about Penguins and I knew this was a trip she would want to take. I asked Lacey and Sean if they wanted to go to the zoo today. They both were very interested in going. Tyler is about 1 1/2 hours from home, so we got ready and headed out to Tyler. The parking lot was packed. I guess a lot of people heard about the new Penguins. We went there first and the exhibit house was packed. We did manage to get some pictures, then I somehow deleted the shots, so we had to head back and take more pictures of the penguins. It's actually a nice zoo with lots of animals. We rushed passed the deer and buffalo (been there done that! living in Montana). We saw elephants, lions, giraffes, panthers, chetahs, leopards, monkeys, rhinos, aligators, flamingos, parrots, tucans, anteaters, warthogs, ostriches, otters, eagles, mountain lions, zebras, and many other interesting animals. We actually had a good time together. It was a really nice day.

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Jamie said...

Did you see all the penguins on the Oscars last night? Funny!