Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bad, Bad Dog

The dogs have been banished from inside the house for two days. I know it's Liberty's fault, but just can't prove it! For weeks, loaves of bread have been missing from the counter. We can set a big loaf of bread on the counter, and when we come back home from somewhere, there is an empty wrapper on the floor. At first I'm like, "how did that wrapper get on the floor?" thinking that the dogs pulled an empty wrapper from the trash. After a couple times I figured out one of the dogs is jumping up onto the counter (I mean front paws) and reaching over and grabbing the bread with its teeth and pulling it down to the floor and eating the bread! So I have been putting the loaves of bread out of their reach.

On Sunday, I made a pot roast for the kids and me for after church on Fast Sunday. It was really good! I also made a red velvet cake, double layer, with butter creme frosting. We all had a piece. I had the cake sitting on a plate on the counter. I didn't even think! Well Monday morning, I come home for lunch and I walk in the kitchen and the cake is gone. I mean, not even a crumb! No crumbs on the floor! nothing. I ask Lacey where the cake was. She said she just woke up and didn't know. I knew! Those bad dogs! They ate half a cake. I was so mad. They got banished from the house for two days. It is supposed to rain tonight so they will be back in, but I can't beleive it! And you never see them doing it, they wait until everyone is asleep or out of the house..... bad, doggie, bad, bad dogs!

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Jenn said...

That happened to me once or twice....the last straw was a WHOLE ham. Only "good" part was it gave the dog bad gas!! And he stayed outside for a few days, too.