Thursday, March 02, 2006

Going Texan

Yesterday, I finally registered the cars in Texas. Hey, it's only been 6 1/2 months, what's the rush. I actually tried to do it on Tuesday, but I guess I didn't have all the paperwork. I was missing my title for the truck. So Lacey and I left empty handed. So yesterday, I showed back up with all the necessary paperwork, and got my new license plates for both vehicles, minus $350. It was a little tough taking off the Montana plates. Such good memories.

This morning, I decided to keep the ball rolling and stopped into the DMV for a Texas Driver's License. I thought I was all ready to go with my registration, proof of insurance, MT license, and social security card, but oh no, that isn't enough, I need some other type of ID, like marriage license, birth certificate, school records, divorce papers, gun license, or vehicle title (which I just gave to the tax office when I registered the truck, so that they can re-issue a title from Texas instead of Montanna..... ugh, the frustration). So needless to say, I didn't get my license today. Maybe tomorrow. Sean has the most hoops to jump through since he is a minor. I have to get a letter from Park High in Montana (on their letterhead) stating he went to drivers training and the hours he put into classroom and driving time, plus he has to get verification from his current High School that he is enrolled. I guess minors in Texas cannot have a license unless they are going to school. He also has to take a driving test. AND, it is only good for one year (if he gets it now, he has to re-apply in May on his birthday- I think I might have him wait until May to transfer over the license to avoid applying now and then in 2 months again), and he has to go through the process every year until he is 18. He also will have restrictions on the license as a minor. In MT, he got his license at age 15 with no restrictions.... don't think he is going to be thrilled when I tell him.

So I'm tryin to go Texan, really. Just a little bumpy....

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