Monday, March 13, 2006

Bachelor Days Ending

Page comes home tomorrow after a two week trip to CA to help out with her Mom. Her Mom is doing a lot better, but still is recovering. I know Page will be happy to come home (we miss her too), but it will be hard to leave her Mom and Dad. So I guess I will have to learn to share the bed again. It's been fun stretching out and hogging all the covers.

Yesterday the Huntsmans invited me and the kids to dinner, feeling sorry for us being without a wife and mother. It was really fun. Jared went to Spain on his mission too, so we ended up talking a lot about missions, plus he is the ward mission leader. Afterwards Sean said he likes listening to adults talk and get involved with the conversation. He isn't a kid anymore.

Lacey's friend Brandon got baptized yesterday too and Lacey gave the closing prayer at the baptism. They asked Brandon who he wanted to stand in the circle to be confirmed next Sunday and he said, "Lacey". We all got a chuckle, and had to explain that it had to be somebody with the priesthood. I think Lacey was flattered.

Lacey turned in some applications today to work at two local movie theaters. Hope she gets a job soon. Sean went to the zoo with some of his friends from church. You can see the pictures below...

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