Friday, March 03, 2006

Liberal Teachers Gone Wild

Have you noticed the increased news stories about liberal teachers bashing Bush? The teacher in CO that compared Bush to Hitler and the American Flag to the Nazi flag is one example. One of the students was taping his lecture or we would not know anything about it. He was suspended by the school board. His lawyer was on TV last night saying that the teacher was let go unfairly and the school board took away the guy's 1st amendment rights. I'm all for the first amendment, but do we keep kids hostage in class to spew our political opinions? Maybe in a Political Science class.... but this guy was a Geography teacher. And from what I understand, he only gave his liberal opinons. No conservative viewpoint was discussed. Shouldn't he teach both sides and remain objective? It was so obviously a propoganda tool for him. I wonder what liberals would think if a teacher was endoctrinating his students to the conservative movement? Or worse, Christianity? There would be marches in the street if a teacher was saying Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the World and everyone must come unto Christ, but doesn't a teacher have a right to teach it based on his 1st amendment rights? It will be interesting how this thing plays out, but I saw on the Drudge Report today that another teacher held a Trial in his classroom on Bush's crimes. Hmmmm, I wonder if the teacher is pro-Bush or anti_Bush????

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Jamie said...

I listened to excerpts on Rush to day going to and from Bozeman...frankly, it's the same old liberal crap I heard in HS and college about Reagan and the conservatives, how spreading democracy means forcing people to live like us (like a neo-crusade). NO! It means giving people the freedom to CHOOSE how they WANT to live (and worship and speak and think), as our creator (whatever you choose to call the creator) intended. That's ALL Bush has been saying. And while I don't agree with everything the admin, has said and done, I think freedom is always a noble cause and I don't think Bush meant things the way they are being interpreted. And even if he did, God WILL bless America and save it from extremist freaks on either side. End of rant :)