Friday, March 10, 2006

If my head wasn't attached....

Yesterday I had to make a visit to one of my clinics. The Plant Operations Manager had to go too, so he drove. He picked me up and I jumped in his truck and away we went. While down at the clinic, I took of my jacket and layed it down in one of the offices. When we were ready to go I walked out without my jacket. Didn't realize it until we got back to my office over 50 miles away. As I get out of his truck, I reach into my pants pocket for my office keys.... not there! I then realize my keys are in my jacket, but where is the coat? I look in his backseat... nope. I ask him if he remembers me even wearing the jacket (maybe I left it in my office here?). He said I was wearing a jacket earlier. Oh my! My jacket with my house, car, church and work keys is in an office over an hour away. He offers to drive me back, but I tell him no. I know an employee that lives here in town and can bring it up at the end of the day. I get spare keys from the business office to get in my office. I have a plastic key I carry in my wallet that can actually start up the truck. So I'm feeling less stressed.

This morning I get a call from the employee that was going to bring me my jacket. She forgot it last night! Sorry. So I have to drive down and get it, so I thought. I just got a call. A patient has to come up for x-rays and she is going to leave it at the hospital in the x-ray department. So I should have my keys and coat sometime today. I'm so absent minded sometimes.

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Jamie said...

You sound like a pregnant woman!