Friday, April 06, 2007

Work helps me Celebrate

I had a few surprises at work yesterday. We are closed today for Good Friday, so they wanted to help me celebrate my birthday a day early. Here are some of our employees from our business office. They walked all the way from across the street to sing happy birthday to me.
They got 15 people into my office to sing and to give me a special present....
The sign on the pirate says, "what happens at the party, stays at the party! So I can't talk about it.... all I can say it has to do with Johnny Depp and somebody from this group of ladies that has a thing for him.... You can see he is attached to a candy bar... Big Hunk... do they mean me or Johnny?
I got a cool birthday balloon (and a birthday rubby ducky- not pictured) from the Admin. Team
My Administration Team, Brian, Karen, Sina and Dr. Tracy gave me a gift card to Texas Road House.
My assistant, Sina, left a surprise on my car.

I also got some nice cards from the business office ladies, the admin team, my boss (with a pass to go see a movie at the local cinema) and a card from all the staff in the Clinic. Isn't it nice to be remembered.... Thanks everyone!

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