Sunday, April 22, 2007

Helena Invitational

Sean was in Helena on Friday for the Helena Invitational Tennis Tournament. It was a tournament for 2A schools in the State. However, Park was invited even though they are only a 1A school. Sean played the #1 player from Billings West. Sean was down 5 games to 1, then he started his rally. He got back in the match and took the lead at 7 games to 6. Only needed to win one more to win the match. That last game went on forever. They both fought like lions and it kept going to 'add in', 'duece', 'add out', 'duece', etc. about 12 times. But the other guy got in a lucky shot and won that game. That game really zapped Sean's strength. It was a heartbreaker to lose. Then the other kid won the next two games to win the match. We felt really bad for Sean, but I have to say, he fought hard and I think that was some of the best tennis I have ever seen Sean play. He could have given up when he was down 4 games and he didn't. Yes, he had a chance to win, but it didn't happen. However, he earned the respect of his 2A opponent. The coach from Billings West came up to Sean and congratulated him on a good match. Later, the other players father also came up to tell him how well he played. I don't think they thought a kid from a 1A school would even give their player a game, but Sean did. I was very proud of Sean, watching him play. He has really improved his play. Luckily, he only has to play 1A players to get to State, and so far he is undefeated against 1A players this year.

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