Monday, April 09, 2007

The Rabid Republicans will get you!

Elizabeth Edwards has more to worry about, besides her cancer. She is afraid of her neighbor because he is a Republican and has a gun! Oh no! How could they allow a Republican in the neighborhood? I hope my neighbors are peace loving democrats and not some rabid republican. I'm afraid to ask! I never realized how much the Edwards were afraid of Republicans. John, the Dem. candidate for US President has refused for the second time to participate in a debate because Fox News is moderating. I talked about the last one in a past blog post, but he did it again, even though the co-sponsor was the black caucus of the House of Representatives. Can't find a more liberal group than that. And now we find out this weekend that his wife, Elizabeth, lives in fear because her neighbor is a Republican with a gun. You couldn't make up kooky stuff like this!

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