Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hardin x 2

Sean was in Bozeman this afternoon for a rematch with Hardin. They put up another player to challenge Sean because, as Page found out, Hardin wanted their best player on the doubles team to see if they could beat our #1 doubles players, they already were resigned to the fact that none of their players can beat Sean. So Sean played a new Hardin player and beat him both sets.

Then the team played the Bozeman JV team. Bozeman is a 2A school and won State last year. Sean was up against the #1 Junior Varsity player and beat him pretty soundly. The guy only won one game against Sean.

Sean also had time to get his tux for the prom. Prom is in two weeks.

Sean is off to Salt Lake City for a senior band trip tomorrow. He should have a lot of fun.

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Karie said...

I hope Sean has fun in SLC. It is so good to hear everyone is doing so good!