Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sean has a Prom Date

Sean is heading up the hill tonight to ask Chelsie, a girl in our Ward, to the Prom tonight. The Prom is in May. This is Sean's Senior year and he is ready to celebrate.... what is that in his hands?
Sean got a huge chocolate chip cookie and wrote a question on it for Chelsie. He wanted to do something unique and special. I wonder if she will be impressed and say, "yes" ?

Chelsie said, "YES!" Now Sean has to go rent a tux, buy the tickets and a corsage, plus think of somewhere to eat dinner before the dance. This is so exciting! Chelsie is such a cutie-bug!

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Kira Joy said...

Cute! I would never wish to be in high school again, but I wish there were date dances for old people, that was so fun! (but way tooooo expensive)