Saturday, April 28, 2007

23rd Anniversary

Today is our 23rd Anniversary. I drove up from Wyoming this morning and met page at the Billings Temple. It was very crowded today. Every seat was filled. After the temple we used my gift card from my birthday and ate at the Texas Roadhouse. We then drove back to Livingston. Lacey is in Wyoming working this weekend and Sean is in Utah with his school band, so we have the house to ourselves, except for the two dogs. Nice and quiet! I got Page the "Work and the Glory III" DVD and we watched that today too. I also wrote Page a poem:
April 28th is the day we became as one
raining on the day before... but our day = sun!
I didn't wear my tux insde, in the car it sat
So when it came to our pictures... well, who's fault was that?
The challenges of school to get my degree;
the comming of children to grow our family;
the early years were hard, but sweet
I'm glad we stuck together and one didn't retreat
The kids are almost grown, we still fight the storm
We still wonder if this is really the "norm"
But somehow we keep moving and looking ahead
and I love you more now than the day that we wed.
So Happy anniversary and know that my love
is eternally yours, you are a gift from above.
If we never give up or throw in the towel
maybe we can grow old together in Powell.
ok- so it's corny. But I love you , Page!!!


Karie said...

MIKE! It's your Anniversary.....
what are you doing on the computer??????? Get Busy!!!!
Happy Anniversary Mike and Page!!
YOu are my favorite couple. I love you!

Jamie said...

Mike and Page...I wanted to tell you Happy Anniversary yesterday at church, but I was so sick adn my kids were so CHARMING, I ended up rushing home (who wants these germs anyway?). I love you two! Happy Anniversary! What a fun weekend!

Kira Joy said...

I'm glad you are celebrating another "Page" in your lives together. Hahahaha ... I know, I am hilarious and original.

Congrats you two!

Jenn said...

Congrats....(even though it's corny, we still appreciate them...Len used to write me poems and sing me songs, way corny but oh so sweet!!!)