Saturday, April 14, 2007


This afternoon I took a little drive through Paradise Valley just south of Livingston. It's a wonderful drive. You go through this valley to get to Yellowstone National Park. I didn't go to the Park today, this Valley was my destination. I just wanted to come out in the 70 degree weather and enjoy the view.
The low mountains and valleys are starting to green up. I love Spring when everything bare and brown from Winter turns green again.
I'm looking back north towards Livingston. You can see the Crazy Mountains still are snow capped too. Livingston sits between three mountain ranges: the Absarokas, Crazies and Bridgers. Plus the Yellowstone River runs right through it, yep, sounds like Paradise to me.
I am on the west side of the valley looking south towards Emigrant Peak.
The Yellowstone River runs through Yankee Jim's Canyon about 10 miles north of Yellowstone National Park. You can ride some pretty good rapids in late Spring.
Wait until the spring run-off from Yellowstone Park raises the water level of the river. These rapids become even more violent. Many people have lost their lives trying to ride through Yankee Jim's.
I love how this pine tree stood out against the rocky shore of the Yellowstone River.
The water is so green.

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