Saturday, January 06, 2007

USC kicker, Mario Danelo, found dead today

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ESPN has just reported that Mario Danelo was found dead at a bottom of a cliff in San Pedro today. The Trojan Nation is in mourning tonight and in total shock! Nobody is sure what happened. He was a major player on the USC football team. David Letterman just mentioned him in one of his Top 10's. Mario just helped us win the Rose Bowl. I feel so bad for his family. This is tragic. He was only a junior at USC.


Sean said...

i guess you didn't win that bowl pick em' game...considering ohio st. got killed

Happy Gilmores said...

nope- I was like #250 (but out of thousands, so I did pretty good). You had to be #1 for the plasma TV and 2-10 for a $100 gift certificate. If tOSU would have won, I probably would have got up to about 60... still not enuf to get a prize.

Sean, do you realize IF we would have beat UCLA, we would have been playing Ohio State instead of Florida, and we probably would have beat them too since we have speed like Florida..... think about it..... another Championship! That's why you always have to HATE the bRuins of UCLA> booooooooooooooooooo!