Sunday, January 14, 2007

John Wayne Marathon

I had a little John Wayne marathon today. Two movies I really like are 'True Grit" and 'Rooster Cogburn'. It was a lot of fun watching these old John Wayne movies. My favorite part in True Grit is when he goes up agains four outlaws, the leader being Robert Duvall. What a stud! Although Glenn Campbell has to help him before Duvall puts a bullet in him when John Wayne gets his horse shot out from underneath him. And in Rooster Cogburn I love it when Kathrine Hepburn tells John Wayne at the end that he's a credit to the male sex and she is proud to call him her friend then rides off and John Wayne is irritated that she got the last word in again, but then goes "well......" with a grin. I love it!


Mama said...

John Wayne is so HOT! Good idea about the marathon....I haven't sat down and watched a John Wayne movie in ages.

Kira Joy said...

I've never watched a John Wayne movie before, but when I do, I'll take your suggestions for the best ones into high consideration.