Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sleepless in Seattle

I flew to Seattle this morning for a meeting to get orientated on the medical student program from the University of Washington. We have a third year medical student about to come to Wyoming for a 5 month rotation in rural health at our hospital. The meeting is on Saturday, so Dr. Spomer and I toured Seattle today. My feet are killing me. I was walking up and down hills, huffing and puffing. But I did get to see the Farmers Market, Fish Market, the Warf and the Space Needle. We ate lunch at Ivars and had their famouse claim chowder. It was good, but I have to admit, nothing is better than Page's chowder. I haven't tasted anything that beats it. I got to see the Fish Market (see post below) which was a highlight of the day. We walke miles today. We went to the top of the Space Needle too and looked over Seattle. It was a cloudy gray day, but the views were still spectacular. Tomorrow I am in meetings all day long so no sight seeing, and I fly home on Sunday morning.


Karie said...

It sounds like fun! I like the clam chowder they serve at the sour dough bread place in San Franciso. I would love to taste Page's, she is a great cook!

Kira Joy said...

Me too! I want Page's chowder...what do I have to do to get some?

Kira Joy said...

still craving chowder ... what are you going to do about it?