Saturday, January 27, 2007


Sean got his acceptance letter to BYU yesterday in the mail. We are all really excited. So looks like Sean will be packing his bags and moving to Provo in August. Sean has really worked hard to keep up his GPA and score high on the ACT. Sean called me when I was in my Bishop's office getting a new calling. I was just telling the new Bishop about Sean and his desire to go to BYU and that we were still waiting to hear, then my cell rings, and it's Sean telling me he got the letter, just when I was talking about it. So looks like we have to find some money for tuition, books, housing, food. How hard could that be? Oh, and my new calling? Ward Missionary!


Anonymous said...

Yippy! Go Cougars! Congratulations Sean! Karie

Kira Joy said...

Congrats Sean! You will have to come say hi to us every now and then since we will be so close by.