Friday, January 19, 2007


I went down to the Pike's Place Fish Market today in Seattle. It was a dream come true. If you know anything about the customer service program "FISH!" you know it is based on the fishmongers from this fish market in Seattle. When I was working in Montana, the hospital I was working for adopted this program and I was the facilitator. I taught FISH! and had to watch the videos a million times. Richard and Bear are in the videos and it was so cool to see them and talk to them in person. It was a quiet day, not a lot of people around the market. Bear talked to us a long time about the salmon. Richard snuck up on us and made a monk fish move right in front of us by pulling a string. Dr. Spomer screamed. It was fun. I bought some paella seasoning and when I gave them the money they were all shouting at each other the price of the seasoning. It was cool to see them in action. They are world famous and have fun at work.... if fish mongers can do it, you can do it.

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The FISH! video shows the Pike Place guys, and the language and teachings were created by a company called ChartHouse Learning to make what you saw at Pike Place learnable in other places, like hospitals. ChartHouse has other learning stuff too. I saw one of their speakers talk about FISH!-- very cool. Both Pike Place and ChartHouse are inspiring and worthy of a trip.