Monday, January 01, 2007

Best Parade in the World

The Rose Parade
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Watching the Rose Parade is a New Year's Day tradition that I really enjoy. Another tradition is eating black-eyed peas every New Year's Day, but that's another story. The kids had a big New Year's Eve Party at our house in Livingston last night so the family is all asleep still. I woke up to watch the parade, since I went to bed early last night with a terrible cold. I really enjoyed the Honda float with the fire breathing dragons, the float that featured Kathrine McPhee from American Idol, and I even saw Marie Osmond on a float. There were a couple Lacey would have liked. Cal Poly and LaCanada-Flintridge both had floats that featured Penguins. Star Wars was a big part of the parade since Lucas was the Grand Marshall. They had a float of Endor with the Ewoks, a float of Naboo with the Queens of Naboo, and Grambling State Band wore Imperial Guards uniforms. They also had Darth Vader and hundreds of storm troopers marching too. It was fun. Of course, I like seeing Long Beach's float since it is the city of my birth. They had sail boats and a light house... always a nautical theme for them. Lakewood use to have a float but stopped in the early '80's. I always liked seeing theirs too. The coolest thing I saw was the Oklahoma float where they had a guy with a jet pack come out of a giant gift box and he actually flew for 30 seconds over the parade route. The crowd went nuts. I was very impressed. And of course, I got to see my beloved USC Trojan's cheer leaders and band march down the route. I hope they beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl today, but it will be a tough matchup. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone !!!

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