Saturday, January 13, 2007

ucla did it again!

I finally get to watch a USC basketball game today. We played ucla in our new Galen Center (for the first time). It is being aired on Fox Sports Network and we have it on DISH. Yes! I think it's time for payback. I mean we were ranked in football and they weren't and they beat us. They are highly ranked in basketball and we aren't so payback is fairplay, right? We had won the last 5 out of 7 home games against them and this is our home game.... so many simularities. It was a pretty good game. We were leading at half. We were leading by 10 half way through the 2nd half..... so it's looking good. Wait! We start missing our free throw shots all through the second half and allow them to get right back in it. They are leading my 6 now with a minute to go. We shoot a 3.. YES! then we get it back and shoot another 3... it's tied... oh wait, they fouled us too, we get a FT and make it. Now we are ahead by 1. ucla gets the ball and shoots, misses, rebounds, makes it! ugh. We are down by 1 with 4 seconds left. We throw it in, it's tipped. We get it, we get blocked, we are running out of time.... desperation throw at half court as time expires..................... it misses! We lose by 1 point to the #4 team in the country and our hated rival, in our house. This was not the way it was supposed to end!

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