Sunday, June 22, 2008

Utah- heading to the MTC

When we arrived in Utah last Monday afternoon, our first stop was the Mayan restaurant in Sandy, we missed the fire dancer because we got there at 3:30 so I had to be a substitute.

They had really cool murals inside and it looked like a Mayan village. They also have a show featuring a couple divers who dive off a high cliff in the middle of the restuarant into a pool below. It's pretty awesome.

Mike and Lacey

Sean and Page

Out front of the Mayan are huge stone serpents. After our late lunch we drove down to Orem and checked into our hotel and ran to the distribution center and missionary mall for a few last minutes supplies for Sean. When we were at Deseret Books, Sean turned us onto a game called The Settlers of Zarahemla. They played it a lot at BYU and Sean played it at the Thomas' when he went for a visit. We played our first night in town. It was a lot of fun.

On Tuesday morning, we headed up to Salt Lake City to see the Joseph Smith movie, then after, Page, Sean and I went to the SLC Temple. Lacey went to shop in the malls, but they have torn them all down, so she walked around temple square, went to the Church Museum of Art and waited for us to come out. Afterwards we ate a late lunch at the Lion House (Brigham Youn'g home).

Page and Sean by the beautiful gardens surrounding the Relief Society building.

Sean really wanted to play miniature golf. We went to a couple in Orem on Monday night and didn't like them so we went up to Draper to Boondocks. We got there at 9:30 and they closed at 10, so we went back on Tuesdau on our way back to Orem from Salt Lake. It was 98 degrees and we were very hot, but managed to play two rounds of golf. Lacey won the first game and Sean won the second game.

It looks cool with all that falling water, but it was super hot, but we were glad to do it because this was on the top of Sean's list before entering the Missionary Training Center.

It was Tuesday night before we knew it and we realized this was our last full day with Sean for two years, so we pulled out Settlers of Zarahemla again and played down in the hotel dining room into the evening until we were all so tired and exhausted. Sean ended up winning the game.

We had a wonderful trip down from Wyoming the last few days before Sean started his mission. It just went way to fast for us. Sean is very excited to get into the MTC and get started on his mission to Argentina. The rest of the family wouldn't mind a few more days with him....

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