Monday, June 09, 2008

Sean's Missionary Farewell

Grandma Wilma and Sean

We are glad Grandma Wilma and Grandma Sherry could come from California for this special week. We came up from Powell on Saturday and stayed the weekend. Sean is leaving on his mission from the Livingston Ward

The Sacrament Meeting on Sunday went well. Page and I spoke and then Lacey sang "His Hands" (which always makes me teary!) then we did leave Sean about 10 minutes to give his talk. Sean did a great job on his missionary farewell talk. Grandma Sherry gave the opening prayer and Lacey gave the closing prayer. The opening hymn was "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go", the Sacrament hymn was "I Stand All Amazed" and the closing hymn was "I Believe in Christ".

The Bozeman Stake got Sean a Missionary Plaque. It will hang in the Livingston Ward foyer for two years.

Page made sure there was plenty of food at Sean's Open House on Saturday night

Grandma Sherry wore her Argentina flag colors

Sean showed everyone where the Buenos Aires West boundries were at

Karen McCann and Sean

We had a great turn out at Sean's Open House. The Melin's opened up their home for us. It was a great evening on Saturday

Sean and Mike in their Mission T-Shirts in Powell before we headed up to Livingston for Sean's big weekend


Kira Joy said...

Wow! It floors me to think that Sean is leaving! I know how old he is, but in my heart, he is still just a fun little kid! He will be an incredible missionary.

Jenn said...

sorry I missed the festivities on Sat. but work was calling! Anyhow, Sunday's meeting was really nice...and Lacey did a wonderful job singing! Sean will be a great missionary!