Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I may be a little out of control...

I need help! (first step on your road to recovery is to admit you have a problem). Sean will have been gone for one week tomorrow. In less than a week I have:

1. Sent him a letter on Dearelder.com on Thursday
2. Mailed him a card with a cut out of Po (Kung Fu Panda) on Friday
3. Sent a care package of donuts on Dearelder.com on Monday (with letter included)
4. I mailed him a 5lb box of cookies, jerky, candy, Po poster, tie and toiletries on Monday with letter.
5. I sent a letter on Dearelder.com (basically cut and pasted a letter we got from his friend Elder Naylor from his mission in Vegas), so I really didn't write anything....
6. I mailed a letter on Dearelder.com to ask him to take some pictures for us and to tell him the Euro 2008 scores this morning.

This can't help a missionary stay focused if he is getting this much mail from his Dad. Any suggestions on how I can contain myself? HELP
And we are expecting a letter tomorrow on his P-Day. How can I not respond to it? I'm in big trouble!

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Kira Joy said...

Man...you make me feel guilty! I should be sending Kohl cookies.