Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I was surprised with some really nice gifts for Father's Day. Lacey got me a USC garden flag that I can place out in the yard in the Fall when football season starts again. With my lucky flag, I know USC is going to win the National Championship this year.

Sean and Page got be a statue of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Sean picked it out when he dropped Grandma Sherry off at the airport earlier this week in Billings. They had it shipped to our house so for a couple days I was looking at this huge box wondering what was inside it. It is beautiful and will look great in my office or library (once I get one). For now, it will stand proudly in our living room.

Well, I'm sure today will be a little tough for Page. This is the first Father's Day since her Dad passed away in March. He was a wonderful father. I lost my Dad about 24 years ago now. Plus, we are leaving today to take Sean to the Missionary Training Center. We turn him over on Wednesday then we will not see him for two years as he serves a mission in Argentina.

Today we will leave home and drive through Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, and sleep in Star Valley. Then off to Utah on Monday. Tuesday we plan to go to Salt Lake City to go through the temple and tour Temple Square. On Wednesday, it's the big day and we drop Sean off. Then drive back home so we can go to work on Thursday morning.


Kira Joy said...

Presents! Whoo Hoo!

Drive carefully! Be safe!

Jamie said...

Page, Thinking of you on Father's Day...hope you found comfort and joy remembering your Daddy. :) Love you guys!