Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Searching for Wild Horses

We found this Big Horn Sheep at Devil's Canyon, but we were on the hunt for the wild mustangs today. I took off early from work and took Sean to the Big Horn Canyon National Recreation Area near Lovell to see the Wild Horses in the Pryor Mountains. There are a couple areas that you might be able to see them if they are near the road. Did we find them? Nope! Not a wild horse in sight today.

We stopped here because we thought we saw horses off in the distance. We had binoculars so we scoped it out and found that the animals we saw were just cows!

Best part of the day was seeing the lake in Devil's Canyon. Awesome views. Sean was trying to see if he could hit the water with a rock hundreds of feet above the water, but couldn't do it.

Had to take these pics on my cell phone because the batteries died in the camera, and I don't know how to do close ups. This photo doesn't do justice to how these view looked from the cliffs above. It was breath-taking.

Sorry, couldn't get close up, but there was a raft with a small cabin on it just floating out in the middle of the lake. You might be able to see that small brown dot in the upper middle part of the lake. We couldn't see anybody on it. It looked much closer with the naked eye. Darn cell phone...

But, alas, no horses. We went up to mustang flats to try our luck and no horses there either. I guess we will have to try another day. For Sean, that will be at least a couple years since he goes to the Missionary Training Center in a week.


Jenn said...

sounds like a fun day. We hunted wild burros in Vegas a few years ago. It was pretty cool. We also found some of the wild horses there.

Kira Joy said...

Looks like you're getting some great pics with Sean before he leaves.

And the whole searching for wild horses thing got me in the mood for some "Man from Snowy River"