Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Reign of Spain

Spain did it! They won Euro 2008. They are the reigning champions of Europe. The Spainish have been known as underachievers for so long, but not anymore. The last time Spain won a major tornament was 44 years ago when they won the European Championship in 1964. The last time they made it to a final was in the Euro Championships of 1984 when they lost to France. Spain becomes only the third European Country to win the tournament more than once. Germany has won it 3 times and France 2 times, and now Spain 2 times.

My favorite player, Fernando Torres, scored the only goal 33 minutes into the game. He had another close shot too that hit the post. Villa, the top scorer of the tournament was out with an injury, so there was a lot of pressure on Torres. I think he liked that position because he went out and played hard and was the only player from both sides to score a goal today. Spain won 1-0. TV showed people cheering in Madrid. I heard 10,000 Spaniards agreed to shave their heads if Spain won. A lot of haircuts tomorrow! King Juan Carlo and Queen Sofia were in the stadium to see the boys of Spain win. It was a great match and the better team won today.


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