Saturday, September 22, 2007

USC Does it Again

USC rolled over Washington State 47-14 today. They remain ranked #1 in the nation. This was also their 35 consecutive win in the coliseum. This is the longest home field winning streak in the country too. I missed the first part of the game because I ran and got Page and me some hamburgers and when I got home they forgot to give us one of the burgers so I had to go back and get it, at least they gave me some free fries because of the error. So I didn't really start watching the game until it was already 7-7. Then at the beginning of the fourth quarter when we are winning 40-17, ABC decides to switch the game over to the Iowa/Wisconsin game, so I didn't get to see the last quarter of the game. Wasn't too happy about the burger error or ABC's disrespect of USC football, but very happy they won.

FIGHT ON, TROJANS, beat the Huskies (Washington) !!!

BYU beat Air Force today too. It was BYU's Home coming and MWC Opener. They won 31-6. Sean was at that game today.

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Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Gee, I wouldn't guess that you are a USC fan . . . long paragraph, and a lesser BYU fan . . . one sentence.

Just giving you a hard time. Your team is on a roll!