Thursday, September 20, 2007

How's Sean Doing?

My Bestest Friend in Utah asked how Sean was doing, so here it goes. Sean is doing great at BYU. He has been there a few weeks and loves it. He is taking English, Culture of Creativity, Book of Mormon, German and Geography. He was a little nervous how he would do in his classes at first because he kept hearing how much harder college was than high school, but he thinks he is doing pretty well. He really likes the guys in his dorm. He is in Helaman Halls. In his ward he is a FHE Dad. He ran into a kid he was friends with when they were 8 and we were living in California. They haven't seen each other for almost 10 years, so that was really cool for Sean. Sean was able to hear President Hinkley speak, he has climbed up to the Y a couple times. He has gone to a couple sporting events. He has discovered "The Office" and loves that series. They have CDs of the first year and he and his friends go watch it on his TV in his dorm room. He is liking the girls too. We sure do miss him a lot but we are so happy things are going well. We are also very thankful that Karie and Hope are there in case he ever needs anything. Rise and Shout, Cougars! Beat the Air Force !

Sean and Brett at Devotional to listen to the Prophet, Gordon B. Hinkley

Sean and Luke (I think Luke was painted blue at some point...)

Kyle, Brett and Sean up at the Y for the Y lighting ceremony for homecoming

Sean hiking up to the Y

Sean with Kyle getting a little sunburned at the BYU/Arizona game. They were on the very top row of the stadium. Great student seats!


Kira Joy said...

At first I was excited to see that Sean was doing well...then you mentioned that it has taken him until season 4 to discover the shear genius of The, I'm you know how behind he is?

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Looks like he's having a blast. That's great! Air Force is going down. We are the last school to stand in the way of their undefeated season. With TCU and Utah already down, we will beat them.

Karie said...

I tried calling Sean awhile back and got no answer......I figured he must be having a great time! yippy for Sean! I love the pictures, but where are all the girls????? I figured they wouldn't be able to do a thing with out all the girls swarming them ;)