Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Calling at Church

I got my new calling today at church. I am the new 1st Assistant to the High Priest Group Leader. I've been in my new ward for about 5 months, so I'm happy to finally get a calling. I really like the High Priest Quorum in our ward, so this should be a nice calling. And since I am the first assistant, I do not have to go to all the early morning meetings like PEC, Welfare, Ward Council. I'm happy about that since I am not a morning person and I had to go to those meetings in other callings I have held.

I also joined the Ward choir and we sang in sacrament meeting. I think we sounded pretty good. A doctor at work is also trying to get me to sing in the college's Master Chorale this year. They perform a big community Christmas concert every year. They perform once in Cody and again in Powell. I am seriously thinking about doing it. First practice will be this Tuesday. And I am still doing the bagpipe lessons on Wednesday nights in Billings (90 miles away). So I am really filling up my calendar. I do tend to over program my life. But I'm the type that has to be continually stimulated and on the move.

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Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Sounds exciting and fun. Congrats on your new calling. I'm all for the lack of early morning meetings. I too, have been there and done that.