Thursday, September 20, 2007

If you're around the LA Coliseum on Saturday

This was posted on the USC Football message board:

" the meeting of the perfect day club will commence at 4 pm at the naked headless statues at 4 pm this saturday, prior to the wsu game. the traditional handing out of the little debbie's chocolate brownies and sparkling cider will preceed the toasting of usc, utah and michigan. see you there! there is no official membership, so everyone is welcome. fight on!"

Wish I could be there. As you remember last week USC beat Nebraska, Utah beat UCLA and Michigan beat Notre Dame to make it a perfect day. (USC win plus UCLA and Notre Dame loss on the same day= perfect day).

Before any of you are offended about the naked hadless statues, they are the bronze statues that stand out front of the LA Coliseum and were put there for the 1984 Summer Olympic games that were in LA that year. It's art! By the way, Page and I were able to get tickets to the sychronized swimming event during those Olympics and saw the USA team win the gold. That was exciting. We were waving our American flags and sang the Star Spangled Banner. And yes the statues are totally naked and headless, as I remember they were patterned after a couple of athletes that competed that year- talk about lack of privacy....

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