Friday, September 14, 2007


I bought three dozen tamales today! And I have a big smile on my face because of it. Last week, me and a co-worker had to go to Lovell. When we drove through Byron we saw a little handwritten sign that said "Homemade Tamales". We stopped and each bought a dozen pork tamales. They were being sold by an old Mexican couple that couldn't speak English (My mission to Spain helped me in this situation with my keen Spanish language skills), so you know they had to be good. We also bought a dozen homemade flour tortillas. I brought mine home to Page and Lacey and they had them eaten in 2 seconds. They were sooooooooooooo good. I did manage to get two tamales before they were devoured.

Me and another co-worker had to go back to Lovell today. I told him about the tamales. He bought a dozen. I bought 3 dozen. He called me after he got home today and told me he wasn't sharing the tamales with his family. I TOLD him they were that good. He should have bought more. He will learn, like I did last week.

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Kira Joy said...

Oh tamales...I love them so much.