Tuesday, December 27, 2005

In the ER last night

We had some bad news. Yesterday afternoon Sean was playing tennis with his Grandpa, when Grandpa started to feel bad. Grandma and Page were at the courts watching. Grandpa went and layed down, with shortness of breath. We ended up giving him a blessing. After a couple hours, we finally talked him to going to the ER. Well, they ended up keeping him overnight, and determined he had a heart attack! Page and Grandma rushed up to the hospital at 3 am when we got a call that he was being moved to ICU. They were supposed to fly back home tomorrow, but now looks like he will have to get an angioplasty this afternoon, and see what kind of damage is there. Grandpa had a 6-way bypass 16 years ago and a pace maker put in this last year. He wants to go home and have his own doctor take care of him, but Page told me that he probably has to stay for 8 more days. That pushes off the trip to Rexburg to get Lacey's things too. Keep us in your prayers. One good thing, the hospital he is in is ranked in the top 5% nationally for best cardiology care. He is in a good place.

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