Thursday, December 29, 2005

Faith in the South

First, Art and Sherry are in Houston as I type waiting to get on a plane headed back to California. Art was released this morning, and the discharge papers said "no flying" but he is doing it anyway. I will be glad when he gets home and sees his doctor. This is probably their last visit to see us, until graduations, mission farewells and wedding receptions.

I wanted to comment about how people really turn to the Savior here in the South. When I was in the ICU waiting room, I couldn't help overhearing a few conversations. They always included them talking about thier faith in Jesus Christ and prayers for their loved ones in the hospital.

At the clinic Christmas party in Livingston, they started it out with a prayer. The person saying the prayer even asked the Lord to bless me in my new job. How nice was that? People are not afraid to show their faith here. The church parking lots on Sundays are always full. I think that is a big reason why people are so hospitable in the South too. They try to go out of their way to make you feel welcomed. Our Church is small, but it is a community that has strong faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ.

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