Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Mercado Buenos Aires

Last Friday, the day after the funeral, we wanted just to get out and do something as a family. We ended up driving up to Van Nuys in the Valley to a place called Mercado Buenos Aires. It's were the Argentines in Los Angeles hang out and eat. It was a lot of fun. We ordered the meat tray, with all types of meats prepared the Argentine way. We had beef, chicken, sausage and even intestines. Yep! Lacey and I ate it. Sean tasted it and spit most of it out and Page wouldn't even try it. It tasted like liver to me. We all got a big chuckle out of the intestines. There was a blood sausage too that nobody tried, but the rest of it was eaten! We also bought some Argentine cookies and Dulce de Leche (carmel) and a couple bottles of Inca Cola.

Sean and Lacey outside Mercado Buenos Aires


Kira Joy said...

Paul and I got a CD not to long ago and all the songs are about Van Nuys or things that happened I totally want to go (i've never been) and so I am totally jealous of you!

when I do finally get out there, I'm pretty sure I'll pass on the blood sausage though.

Jenn said...

Sounds like a fun family day!

Karie said...

Sean told me you grossed everyone out talking about the scab sausage,Yicky!!! I would rather have slippery shrimp!

Lacey said...

Oh my GOSH!!!! slippery shrimp is sooooo good...... but those cow intestines were even better... HAH yeah right..they were disgusting! but it was a fun adventure! :)