Saturday, April 12, 2008

Heading Back Home

Well it's been two weeks since we took these pictures. We got Sean back to BYU after the funeral in California and spent the night. We went to see Vantage Point at the Provo Mall and had a good time getting to know Natalie better. We also had dinner at Wingers (Lacey's favorite food place on earth). Then on Sunday morning we woke up to SNOW! We went to Sacrament meeting with Sean at his BYU Ward then had to say goodbye so we could get on the snowy and icy roads to Wyoming. The roads got better once we crossed the continental divide near South Pass, WY. Then it was dry the rest of the way.

What a goof ball

I'm a Samarai Warrior! We dropped off some stuff for Sean after Sacrament Meeting at his dorm before we said good-bye and headed back to Wyoming. This is a sword he got in China Town when we were in LA.

Lacey is trying to be a samarai warrior too

Lacey, Natalie and Sean

Sean and Natalie heading back into church

Before we left for Wyoming on our last leg of the trip, we stopped by my sister Hope's house. Here is a picture of Lacey and her cousin Samantha.


Kira Joy said...

oh my goodness...Sam looks so old!

Karie said...

On the Today Show Matt went to Argentina.....Oh my, I never realized how pretty it is. I'm even more excited for Sean now.