Monday, April 07, 2008

More California Pictures

While in Calfornia, we got to see a lot of our family and eat some of the things we have been missing living up in Wyoming. Here is an In and Out Burger. I love the Double Double Animal Style. I got to get one. Some had a lot more than that... (Lacey!).

Sean and I had to run down to Vista to get a picture of Grandpa. Here Sean is with his Great Aunt Anne, Great Uncle John and Great Aunt Joan.

Coming home from Aunt Anne's, Sean and I stopped off for a bite to eat at the Harbor House in Sunset Beach. They make the best omelets ever.

Lacey went Grunion Hunting in Huntington Beach with Cousin Dani and Amy. The Grunion didn't run that night because the water was too cold, but the girls had a fun time at the beach.

Grandma Wilma took us to downtown LA's China Town to Yang Chows for the best Slippery Shrimp in the world. If you ever get to Yang Chows you have to get the slippery shrimp. It is the best!

Sean and Lacey with Cousin Taylor

The Gilmore Clan went to lunch down on the Long Beach Marina

My Momma and Me

Lacey and Grandma Wilma


Kira Joy said...

It seems like you had the best Cali trip ever (minus the sad stuff)

Jenn said...

Oh...shame on you! I totally miss all the yummy food of So Cal too! The double double is quite possibly one of the best burgers ever!!! And animal style to boot! You go! Animal fries too!!!!
Then you tease me with Harbor omelettes ever!!! Glad you had a good trip...sorry for the reason!