Sunday, April 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, Patrick !!!

Me and My Brother Pat

Well, the Big Guy is having a Birthday today. I want to wish my twin brother a very happy birthday today. He turned 46 this morning. Man, is he getting old. It has been great having a twin brother. And to have a birthday on April 6th, how lucky can he get?

Happy Birthday, Patrick !!!


Karie said...

Happy Birthday Patrick Larry and To Michael Emmet! I love you guys like brothers....probably more than brothers!! Have the best Day Ever!!!!!!46 crazy I remember when you were just little boys taking showers together (he-he-he)

Sorry about Aunt Diane

Jenn said...

Happy Day!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday, Mike & Pat! I remembered yesterday when my mom said, "Today would be a great day for Jesus to come!" Rich added, "Yeah, conference on April 6th!" and I added, "Yeah, and it's Mike Gilmore's birthday!" I just wasn't near a computer to tell you so, but I hope you had a great day!