Monday, March 31, 2008


Art's funeral was nice, as far as funerals go. The chapel was filled to capacity. Page and Kim gave eulogies and his hometeacher, Carlton, gave a talk. The Bishop and Stake President also gave remarks. Page, Lacey, Sean and I sang "Have I Done Any Good?" We each took a part, soprano, alto, tenor and bass. It turned out really nice and we chose that song because it described how Art lived his life. He was always looking for ways to help others in need. Sean gave the family prayer too.

The Grandkids

The Walker family at the luncheon provided by the Relief Society after the services

Here are flowers that we got for the funeral. On the ribbon, Lacey wanted "How Great Thou Art". Every time Art would hear that song played he would lean over to the grandkids and say "They are playing my song!". They played that song on the organ in the church when they were taking out the casket too.


Karie said...

I'm glad the funeral was nice. Thanks for posting the pictures. I hope you all are doing well.

Jamie said...

Are youall home in Wyoming now? The funeral looks so nice. Page, you're still in my prayers...I hope you're feeling peace. Love and miss y'all!

Jenn said...

Hope everyone is doing ok.
Sending hugs...the flowers are beutiful