Friday, March 07, 2008

Buenos Aires, Argentina !!!

Sean got his mission call yesterday to the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission! He reports to the MTC on June 18th. The day has finally arrived, my kid is going on a mission. I couldn't be more excited for Sean. He will have one of the best experiences of his life. He will grow spiritually and physically during "the best two years". He will come to love the Argentine people. He was wanting to go to Germany or a Germanic language mission since he has had 5 years of German in school, so he was not expecting a South American call, but come to find out, the largest concentration of German's outside of Germany is right there in Buenos Aires!!!! How cool is that? Besides, once a missionary gets his call, he or she forgets about all the places they wanted to go and get excited about where they are actually going.

He got his envelope just before 4 pm yesterday, about the time I touched down at the Denver airport from Boston. He read his call with me on one phone in Denver and Page on another phone at home. I was so thrilled. I think Argentina will be a wonderful place to spend two years serving the Lord. Now he has to learn Spanish. As you can imagine, we are all trying to read everything we can about Argentina. If you have any comments about Argentina, pass them along!


brent said...

Hey, Sean, congrats! My cousin Jamie Melin just told me of the great news. I served in the West mission 10 years ago, and let me tell you, you're going to LOVE it. The people, the food, the country...all wonderful. The Argentine accent is unequivocally the best in Latin America. And, a great plus about the West mission is that's where the temple is!

You'll run into a lot of people who's ancestors come from Europe, but I'm not sure if they still speak their native tongues. They eat a lot of beef there, oh, and a lot of pasta. They enjoy eating other parts of the cow that Americans would never EVER consider edible. Like the stomach and kidneys.

And even though Argentina isn't exactly rich, the people there are very generous. The members LOVE missionaries, too.

I hope you like soccer!

Before I open the flood gates here and let go with a lot of info you may find irrelevant, I'll wrap this comment up. But if there are other things you wanna know about, lemme know!

Jamie said...

Hey, Sean--Congratulations! I just typed a big long comment adn blogger ate it, so I'll just say we are all really excited for you (I told Sisters Westenskow and Jeffery about your call todayat preschool--they were thrilled). I just wanted to add that Brent ROCKS--he speaks a bunch of languages, he used to work at the MTC, and he's there in Provo so you guys could totally have an Argentina party or something!

Page & Mike--Congratulations to you, too--this is a big milestone! :)

Jenn said...

Great news! congrats!

Kira Joy said...

Yeah! This is totally exciting! Everyone I have known who went there LOVED it! I'm sure Sean will have the same incredible experience!