Sunday, March 16, 2008


Sean and his friends earned 3rd place honors at the Heleman Halls Variety Show on Friday night. They danced to NSYNC's "pop". They were a big hit. One of the judges was Cosmo, the BYU mascot. They got a picture with Cosmo after the event. The group calls themselves the unsyncables. We saw a video of their performance. It was really good.

Here is Sean and his gfrend Natalie at the gym on Saturday. They went with a lot of friends from BYU. I saw this picture on his facebook and thought it was cool so posted it.

Lacey also saw Sean this morning and dropped off his Easter basket for us. Lacey gets back home late tonight. Also, I hope Karie liked her surprise early morning visit today....

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Sean said...

haha how much more effort would it have been to type girlfriend, instead of gfriend...haha this blog is corrupting my father