Sunday, November 04, 2007

USC Comments

We beat the Oregon State Beavers yesterday 24-3. We revenged our loss to them last year and heading in the right direction. We play Cal next week which will be another big game. I didn't get to see this game either. I was driving back from Palmyra, NY to Philadelphia, PA to fly back home this morning. I kept trying to scan the radio for sports channels along the way to hear the score. Didn't hear anything until it was 4th quarter and we were winning 24-3. Was very happy to hear we won the game. Three more to go!

Two weeks ago we lost to Oregon. We played them in Eugene which is a tough stadium to play in. They won 24-17. I missed most of the game because I was on a plane heading to Philadelphia for a conference. When I was in the Minneapolis Airport, I walked into a Fox News store and they were showing the game. For the few minutes I got to watch, we scored our last 7 points with 4 minutes to go. We were only 7 behind and I thought we had a chance to come back. I went to take care of a few things and came back to see the last 9 seconds. It appears I missed our QB throwing an interception and giving Oregon the game. I saw the fans rush the field. For what? Oregon was ranked higher than us. Well, that probably kills us chances of getting to the Rose Bowl game again. But you never know what is going to happen. But still love my USC Trojans!

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Karie said...

Mikie, I think I saw your friend the "LDS Nora Roberts yesterday at chuck a rama!