Sunday, November 25, 2007

For BYU- 4th and 18? no problem!

"It's 4th and 18, the fans are chanting BYU... you guys never lost faith."
Brian Kehl, Senior Captain in post game speech
Rivalry games are exciting, but I think many will remember this BYU - Utah game for a long time. Sean said it was a real defensive battle. I was comunicating with Sean by texting on cell phones since we couldn't see the game and it wasn't on the radio up here where we live. Page, Lacey and I were in Billings most of the day shopping anyway. I was trying to get updates on a sports radio station too. Sean texted afer the last touchdown that things were "intense!". I should say so. 4th and 18 on the BYU 12 with a little over a minute to play? Appears impossible. But the BYU faithful had faith and rallied behind the team. QB Hall hit Collie for a 49 yard gain! Utah stumbles with a couple of penalties which sets up an 11 yard touchdown run by Unga. The radio announcers in Billings thought BYU would end up kicking a field goal, but they got the TD. Radio announcers thought BYU left too much time on the clock for a Utah comback. Last contact with Sean on the cell it said there were 10 seconds left. Never could get him after that. I was dieing thinking Utah could still pull out a victory, and I had no way of knowing what was going on. It appears Utah threw a hail mary pass and it dropped to the ground. BYU VICTORY!!! The students, including Sean, rushed the field. I couldn't get cell connection with Sean, guess there was cell phone overload going on in LaVell Edwards Stadium.

Harvey Unga seals the victory with an 11 yard run. BYU goes for 2 point conversion and gets it ! BYU 17 Utah 10
Congratulations to the BYU Cougars, Mountain West Conference Champions!

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Karie said...

Karl watched the game! He loved it! I'm glad to see Sean looks happy! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I love you all!