Saturday, November 17, 2007

Por que no te callas

Porque no te callas (Why don't you shut up!) That is what King Juan Carlos of Spain said to the leader of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, last week at a summit in Chile.

This is a photo of the royal couple, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain.

Chavez was on one of his rants again calling the former Prime Minister of Spain a facist. The current Prime Minister was asking Chavez to show some respect for a democratically elected Prime Minister (you may recall Aznar, the former PM, was a big supporter of the USA and the War on Terror, and was leading big in the polls just days before the Spanish election, when Al Queda bombed the subways of Madrid, and the Spanish people freaked out and voted the oppostition party into power because they were campaigning to pull out of Iraq- in that case terrorism worked.....) Anyway, Chavez was bashin Aznar when the King leaned forward and said "Why don't you shut up". I love it! I really like Juan Carlos, I liked him a lot, when I was a missionary in Spain too, back in the 1980's. Now Chavez is demanding an apology. Yeah, right, when Venezuela freezes over.... I wonder when Chavez is going to apologize to our President for the aweful things he has said.


Kira Joy said...

Oh the drama!

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