Saturday, November 10, 2007

Palmyra, NY- Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah

The best part of our trip- we made it to Palmyra, New York. We toured the Smith farm, saw the temple, visited Martin Harris' farm, saw the cemetery where Alvin Smith is buried, toured the print shop where the Book of Mormon was first published, saw the Erie Canal, went to the top of Hill Cumorah (which is about 3 miles from the Smith home), but the most special experience was spending about an hour in the Sacred Grove where Joseph Smith received the First Vision.

Here is a picture taken on the Smith Farm looking towards the Sacred Grove.

Here is an entrance into the Sacred Grove. This is where Heavenly Father and the Savior answered a young boy's prayer. I never would have dreamed that I would be able to walk through the grove. What a spiritual experience. It was a nice warm autumn day, Page and I basically had the grove all to ourselves. You can tell this is a sacred place. The grove has never been changed or developed, even after the Smiths moved away from the farm.

Sacred Grove

Sacred Grove

Sacred Grove

Page and I sitting in the Sacred Grove

Page is walking out of the Sacred Grove back to the Smith's family farm

Early one morning, Page and I went to the top of Hill Cumorah, where Joseph Smith was told to go get the Gold Plates by the Angel Moroni. Here is a statue of Moroni up on top of the hill. We were all alone on a beautiful fall morning. It truly is a special place where we could feel the spirit.

Looking up the Hill Cumorah. I would love to come watch the pageant someday.

Here is a replica of the cabin the Smiths lived in when Joseph had his vision. The cabin was rebuilt on the exact spot where it was. Page and I got to go upstairs in the bedroom where the Angel Moroni appeared to Joseph. Awesome!

Here is the Smith Farmhouse. Alvin built it, but then died soon after (he is buried in the cemetery in Palmyra). The family moved out of their cabin into this farm house.

This is the actual hearth that Joseph Smith hid the gold plates under at one time, in the farmhouse

Page loved this statue in the visitor's center near the Smith farm. There is another visitor's center at the base of Hill Cumorah.

We walked around the temple one evening and admired the glass windows that represented the Sacred Grove. The light was shining through from inside the temple. Beautiful.

Here is the view of the Palmyra Temple looking up from the Sacred Grove.

We got to take a tour where the Book of Mormon was first printed in downtown Palmyra

About an hour and 45 minutes from Palmyra is Niagara Falls. You know we had to take a quick drive over to see them. After all the excitement of upper state New York, we had to head back to Philly so we could catch a plane back to Billings early Sunday morning. What a trip! We were everywhere and saw everything but Daniel Boone's House (we saw a sign in PA, but couldn't stop to see it). We are tired, but it was a trip of a lifetime and Page and I had such a fun time together. It was great experiencing all these things with her.

Up front are the American Falls, the Horseshoe falls are in the background and across the river you can see Niagara Falls, Canada. I had to talk Page out of riding in a barrel over the edge. She is such a daredevil.


Kira Joy said...

Oh my gosh...I am so jealous! These are all places I want to go. It sounds like your trip was incredible!

Hedylamar & Javier Mussons said...

Hi! Isaw your pictures from Palmyra and I was wondering if you could gimme some hints. I am a member of the church from Brazil and I am based in NYC for 4 months as a flight attendant. This will be my first time to visit Palmyra, and I have a few days off to stay there. Anything you would recommend me, like hotels, where to go first and all that? Pls let me know!
Thanks and my e-mail address is or