Friday, November 09, 2007


I can't believe I got to see Betsy Ross' house. I got to see a lot of historical sites because I was in Philadelphia for a Medical Group Management Association Conference the last week of October. Page was able to go with me and we had a blast sharing this experience. The conference was really good and we had a great time in Philly.

Page and I got to take the tour of Independence Hall. There were two Elder's on the tour with us. One was from Utah and the other from Idaho. That was cool. There were people on the tour from China, Venezuela and Ireland too. The tour guide told us that this was the most important spot on American soil. In terms of the government this was true, but I knew in a few days I would be at the Sacred Grove in upper state New York, and I would have to argue that point with him.

This is the room where the founding father's debated the creation of the United States. The seat up at the front is where George Washington presided over this historic body. It was awesome just to stand in that room, knowing the impact that constitutional convention had on this nation.

Here is a statue of George Washington right outside the door to Independence Hall

Here I am across the street from Independence Hall

Right next to Independence Hall is the first capital of the United States. Congress met here until 1800.

Page in front of Independence Hall

Look at me right next to the Liberty Bell! You can see Independence Hall in the background. They have the bell in a special building. I wanted to reach over and touch it so bad, but there was a guard to my right. I didn't want to test my luck.

I went into the Christ's Church cemetery because I wanted to see Ben Franklin's grave, and Page's Mom told us that they have family members buried there, so I wanted to walk through it.

I saw Ben Franklin's grave. I'm not sure why people place pennies on the grave. I had to pay $2 just to get in the cemetery. I thought that was crazy.

When in Philly..... we had to try Philly's famous cheese steak sandwich from the first place that made them, Pat's Steaks. Page and I split a sandwich. You have to order them a special way. You say how many you want, the type of cheese you want on it (cheese whiz, american or provolone) and if you want grilled onions on it "wit" or "witout". So I stepped up to the window and yelled: "2 provolone wit". We also saw the spot where Sylvester Stallon stood, near the pick up window for the movie "Rocky".

Then we ran right across the street to try them at Geno's. I tried a "one wiz wit". Have to say Geno's had a little better flavor.

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Karie said...

love the pictures! Thanks for sharing! I would love to visit some cool places like that. Did you see that I think I saw your "lds nora roberts" I made a comment on your last entry? Tell Pagey hi for me.